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The Centurion – A Property Tour

Michele Conte takes Multi-Housing News on a tour of The Centurion, a very special condominium located in the heart of midtown Manhattan. I.M Pei served as the chief architect on the project.

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A Cat Calling

Mike Philips, founder of the Urban Cat League, has dedicated his time to caring for feral cat colonies in New York.

This piece started as a photo essay but developed into a multimedia project as I got to know Philips. He is a very busy man. Philips manages (feeds, maintains, neuters, etc.) feral cat colonies in Hell’s Kitchen and works as a stage director at the New York City Opera. On top of that,┬áhe cares for 15 cats that ‘fell through the cracks’ at his home┬ásanctuary in New Jersey. He was named the 2010 Vet Tech of the year by the Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association.

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300-Pound Orchid Gets a New Basket

Repotting a normal sized plant is a hassle in its own right. But what if that plant weighs nearly 300 pounds and hangs over a three-foot deep pool?

This past June, BBG Aquatic House curator David Horak decided that the tiger orchid (Grammatophyllum speciosum) needed a new basket. The suspended wooden basket had begun to deteriorate and Horak worried that the plant might drop into the pool below. I edited this video, which was shot by Rebecca Bullene, Alison Abreu-Garcia and myself for the Brooklyn Botanic Garden website.

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Scuba Diving in the Bronx

Mike Carew is an NYPD Scuba Squad veteran. He now runs Captain Mike’s Diving in City Island.

This is a short video profile from a larger group project on City Island, the Bronx’s own New England style fishing village. You have to visit if you get the chance. It is definitely the most unique neighborhood you will find in the city and the people are amazing.

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After Two Year Effort, Street Renamed for Fallen Soldier

A south central Bronx street was dedicated to Isaac Cortes, who was killed serving in Iraq in 2007.

This piece was produced and reported by Michael Ratliff, Eno Alfred, and Jennifer Brookland. It originally appeared on Click to read the print article that accompanied the video.

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Fishing in Flushing Bay : Be careful what you catch

The fishermen of Flushing Bay catch striped bass for dinner. They hook turtles and net crabs. And they also nab sewage, pesticides, bacteria and industrial waste.

This piece was the second audio slide show I produced. It appeared on the and was accompanied by a print article detailing Flushing Bay’s struggle with pollution.

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Family Sawdust Business Faces City Land Grab

Jake Bono of Willets Point United speaks of the difficulties of running a business while facing Eminent Domain.

This was my first multimedia piece. I enjoyed spending time over in Willets Point, Queens, a.k.a. the Iron Triangle, during my time at Columbia. The gritty area was once an ash dump. It now houses 62 acres of auto repair shops and light industry. The City has plans to redevelop the area with a convention center and housing for 5,000.